ZooKeeper Partners with VFX Giant Yggdrazil to Enter Crypto Gaming Era

[Press Release – 7th October 2021, GENEVA, Switzerland] Following 6 months of successful development since its launch, yield-farming dApp ZooKeeper has announced stock exchange-listed VFX giant Yggdrazil as its first major partner. The collaboration will see Yggdrazil lead game production between the two companies, as ZooKeeper starts to develop its powerful ZooGames ecosystem. ZooKeeper’s Development Journey Since launching on April 6th ZooKeeper has been taking the NFT market by storm with its gamified, yield farming dApp, built on Wanchain blockchain. On August 6th ZooKeeper expanded its platform with ZooRena, added live battles, in-game events, wagering, and NFT boosting to its already impressive experience. Just 10 days later, ZooKeeper launched Satoshi’s Oasis Paradise staking pool with BTC rewards, helping to grow its community interaction significantly. A Shared Vision Following up on these successes, and strong community growth ZooKeeper is proud to announce its eagerly anticipated, powerhouse partnership with Yggdrazil. The two companies will each bring something unique to the collaboration: Yggdrazil with 14 years experience as one of the top VFX studios in Bangkok, and ZooKeeper with its unique, decentralized, gamified Yield farming app. Who is Yggdrazil? Founded in 2006, Yggdrazil is a stock exchange listed company worth over $100 Million USD, and one of the most renowned VFX, animation, and VR studios in Bangkok. Yggdrazil production studio specializes in full post production services for commercials, feature films, games, cinematic, TV series, and VR360. The company is one of the leading studio innovators in South-East Asia, offering a complete service in VFX and post-production. Among the hundreds of projects in their portfolio, Yggdrazil has worked with many internationally renowned companies spanning various different industries, including: SquareEnix – for Final Fantasy XV KingsGlaive Chevrolet, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Nivea, KFC Animation for Nezha, The First, The Gymnastic Samurai animated movies Visual effects for (The Stranded on Netflix, Homestay feature movie), Iris: The Virtual Presenter by Sansiri, Virtual Tours 360°) Gaming for (Home Sweet Home, a VR-compatible horror game) Since 2007, they have received over 30+ awards, both domestic and international; such as New York Festivals 2021 Gold Award, multiple Gold BIDC Awards, Media…

Source: ZooKeeper Partners with VFX Giant Yggdrazil to Enter Crypto Gaming Era

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