XRP Price Analysis: XRP Price Knocks on $1.3 resistance, Is A Parabolic Move Up on Cards?

In the face of an ongoing lawsuit, Ripple, the cross-border remittance cryptocurrency platform continues to see increased adoption and steady growth of the XRP price. Recent studies show that Ripple’s XRP owners, alongside owners of other altcoins such as Polkadot and Stellar, are the most anxious in the crypto industry. The study shows that crypto trading can bring about loss of sleep and anxiety among other negative psychological effects. However, we beg to differ on that, and rather say that you can have a good crypto trading/life balance by including the analysis from our posts in your trading repertoire. Read on as we identify the significant trend, resistance, and support levels on the XRPUSDT chart starting from the weekly chart, to the daily and 4HR intraday time frame. XRP Weekly Chart Analysis There’s been a steady uptrend on the weekly time frame of the XRPUSDT as the price chart sets higher troughs with the RSI exiting the oversold areas on 09 March ’20 and 22 June ’20. The weekly chart overview of the XRPUSDT shows the bullish campaign starting after a breakout of bearish resistance on 04 Jan ’21 for an increase of about 500%, then find resistance at 1.9669. An exit of oversold level-25 in combination with a hidden bullish divergence on 12 Jul ’21 shoots the XRP price higher [1.3046]. The bear trap candlestick formation on 20 Sep ’21 confirms the price bottom as the bulls get set to shoot for the XRP ATH. XRP Daily Chart Analysis Demand for the XRP token slowly grows as the RSI enters the overbought level-75 on the daily time frame. Buying power increase at press time forcing the 1.0942 resistance to give way as the bull’s eye the 1.4151. The $2.00 round-number mark is the next projected target of the bulls that can overcome the 1.4151 resistance. XRP 4HR Chart Analysis The 4HR time frame confirms the uptrend on the daily time frame with the RSI dipping below level-25 on 29 Sep ’21 00:00 and 06 October ’21 08:00. We may want to wait for the RSI to drop below level-75…

Source: XRP Price Analysis: XRP Price Knocks on $1.3 resistance, Is A Parabolic Move Up on Cards?

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