The State of Investing & Crypto in different markets

2020 was a year of tremendous growth in the cryptocurrency industry. We saw Bitcoin reach new highs, as renowned financial institutions invested in this revolutionary asset class and enthusiasm across the market bounced back.Last year, bitFlyer Europe conducted the survey in European countries measuring the awareness and faith in the future of crypto. Back then two thirds of Europeans admitted to having faith that cryptocurrencies will still exist in 10 years’ time, however the majority are still uncertain how they will be used.In September 2020, when comparing our data from 2020 to 2018, we have seen a rise in accounts opened by users in their 20s in the first half of 2020 at group level.As a global cryptocurrency exchange that has offices, among others, in San Francisco, CA, and Tokyo, Japan, this time we decided to dive deep into the current state of investing and cryptocurrencies in the US and Japan, and explore the differences between these two big and interesting markets. Our survey targeted 3000 participants aged 20-59 across Japan and the US.Key findings from our research:Two-thirds of people in the US said they’re interested in investing more in financial assets in 2021.30% of Americans think Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies will be an attractive investment this year, making it two times more popular than Gold and the 4th most selected asset. The most popular asset was stocks at 54%.82% of the US population has heard about cryptocurrencies.Roughly 20% of respondents in the US are currently using or have used cryptocurrencies in the past.76% of people in the US that have heard about crypto have a positive perception about cryptocurrencies as an investment. In Japan, 78% of the respondents have a negative perception, showing a pretty strong contrast between the two regions.Our research shows that the current market sentiment amongst American investors is very bullish compared to the Japanese, reinforcing the argument that the last run-up in price was mainly driven by US investors.The State of InvestingOur research shows that 82% of people in the US invest in financial assets, with almost a third of the population allocating over a quarter of their…

Source: The State of Investing & Crypto in different markets

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