Surpassing S&P500, Apple, Google, Gold and Silver: Bitcoin is Up 90% Year to Date

Bitcoin stands at $55,000 today, as of writing these lines. This means it’s about 90% up since the beginning of 2021. While that’s impressive on its own, what’s even more notable is BTC’s performance compared to other well-known investment tools such as some of the most popular stock market indexes, the world’s largest companies, and precious metals like gold and silver. BTC vs. all others – YTD 2021. Source: TradingView S&P500 and Nasdaq Left Behind The primary cryptocurrency entered 2021 at roughly $28.9k before it shot up to unseen heights in April at $65,000, which became the current all-time high. What followed were a few turbulent months prompted by FUD, initially from Elon Musk and later from China. After it bottomed below $30,000 in July, BTC resumed its bullish run and has nearly doubled its value to $55,000 as of writing these lines. More specifically, it means it’s almost 90% up year-to-date. While speculations run wild where it can end the year, with $100,000 being the prevalent opinion, it’s worth exploring how bitcoin compares to other assets from the more traditional financial spheres. Let’s start with arguably the most popular stock market index – the S&P 500, which tracks the performance of the 500 largest companies listed on US exchanges. It has actually performed well this year – entered at 3,700, charted a new ATH in early September at 4,520, but has retraced slightly to 4,391 as of Friday’s closing. Meaning, it’s up by roughly 18% in ten months. At the same time, the Nasdaq Composite index has registered a bit more modest gains since the start of the year – just under 15%. Interestingly, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased by a very similar percentage in the same time frame. Let’s look at single stocks of the world’s most prominent companies. Apple’s shares are up by 10% YTD, Microsoft’s YTD ROI is 35%, Amazon’s by just 3%, Facebook’s (23%), and Tesla’s by 7.5%. Google (Alphabet, symbol GOOG) has been among the best performers, with a notable 61% YTD increase. Yet, none of them is anywhere close to bitcoin…

Source: Surpassing S&P500, Apple, Google, Gold and Silver: Bitcoin is Up 90% Year to Date

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