Recurring Buy is now live on our App! Set up regular crypto purchases on bitFlyer

Today, we are launching a new “Recurring Buy” feature, which means our users can now purchase crypto automatically with as little as 10 EUR by a simple set up.You can use it from our mobile app “bitFlyer wallet”, available on both iOS and Android.The smartest and easiest way to invest in cryptoSimple SetupSchedule a recurring buy in a few stepsAutomatic PurchasesBuy crypto daily, weekly, biweekly or monthlyStart Small or Go BigSet up regular purchases as low as €10 or as high as €10,000Interested? Download our App and start trading now ! Get a chance to win 10 Euro worth of BTC with Recurring Buy!Available cryptoRecurring buy can be used with all 7 types of cryptocurrencies currently handled on our platform:Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)Ethereum Classic (ETC)Litecoin (LTC)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Monacoin (MONA)Lisk (LSK)Purchase frequencyYou can select from daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly.Minimum purchase amountIt can be set from as little as 10 EUR.Recurring Buy feeThere is no additional fee for Recurring Buy. Click here for details on other fees.Available devicesThe recurring buy feature is available on our mobile app “bitFlyer wallet” (iOS, Android)* Web version will be supported in the future.Get Started in Minutes Important notes :*Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your bitFlyer account before the scheduled day of purchase. If there is an insufficient balance, the purchase will not be executed.*Unless a purchase is not executed, the automatic purchase scheduling will not be cancelled.*The time for purchase cannot be specified. bitFlyer will decide the time of purchase on the designated date.*The rate used at the time of purchase will be based on the price on our Buy/Sell service.*System troubles on the bitFlyer side may cause the purchase not to be executed. In that case, no automatic purchase will be executed until the next scheduled purchase.

Source: Recurring Buy is now live on our App! Set up regular crypto purchases on bitFlyer

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