Momento Partners with PR and Marketing Agency Luna PR

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, 11 October 2021] Momento’s DeFi and NFT platform has announced a partnership with Luna PR, an award-winning PR, and Marketing firm based in Dubai, UAE. This partnership between Momento and Luna PR is aimed at bringing traction to the features offered on the Momento platform. Momento is at the forefront of shifting the NFT space as we know it. Their innovative DeFi and NFT platform turns the most iconic moments and journeys of the past into collectible NFTs. The platform offers two types of NFTs, one that depicts some memorable moments in the last decade and the second that portrays the journeys of the most popular and iconic crypto projects. This allows users to own iconic moments through the years, trading, holding, or staking those moments for years to come. Momento has taken the NFT game a step further by creating an NFT staking mechanism that allows NFT owners to actually earn through their digital assets. Additionally, $MOMENTO is cross-chain, running on the Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain simultaneously in order to avoid the high gas fees associated with the Ethereum Network. The rest of the project features are solely based on the Ethereum Network. There are several instances in which collectors do not fully understand the projects they invest in, leading to issues with illiquidity, wherein holders lose their investment entirely. This is a major issue Momento aims to solve. The platform allows users to earn via the NFTs they hold through royalties, revenue redistribution, and staking in just a few clicks. Luna PR is one of the largest PR and Marketing agencies in the crypto space. With years of experience, Luna PR has worked with established names in the industry, including Huobi Exchange, Clover Finance, Zilliqa, and several other top 300 crypto projects. Specialists in unique marketing campaigns, branding, and marketing, Luna PR aims to bring attention to Momento and the unique features offered on its platform through strategic partnerships and various marketing campaigns. CEO of Luna PR, Nikita Sachdev, said “We are excited to join hands with Momento on their journey…

Source: Momento Partners with PR and Marketing Agency Luna PR

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