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Good times are coming. At least such a prediction now looks more likely as markets begin to show really positive dynamics for the first time since May.  Discover the hottest crypto news and events together with the experts from CEX.IO. In August media coverage, we talked about: Crypto in law Safety first Altcoins season continued Bitcoin soars CEX.IO news We’ve put together all the juiciest stuff in this post for your convenience. Enjoy!   Crypto in law In the past few months, UK regulators have introduced increased scrutiny around the cryptocurrency industry. Besides the mandatory requirement to get licensed, digital asset businesses must be careful about how they advertise their services to consumers. At first glance, this growing pressure on service providers might seem bad news for the market. However, if we take a closer look, regulation protects investors and offers long-term benefits for the licensed service providers and maturing cryptocurrency sector, said Konstantin Anissimov. How the UK’s regulations impact the digital asset market  Opinion: The UK’s ‘crypto crackdown’ and why the industry should embrace it The cryptocurrency sector has changed dramatically over the past two years, leading to widespread growth and interest in the space. This includes an increasing shift towards institutional investors, which have carved out an important niche moving forward. Given this evolution, many have questioned what can still be done to improve the industry. Finance Magnates hosted a live webinar that delved into the metamorphosis undergone by the cryptocurrency sector over the course of 2020-2021. Konstantin Anissimov, along with other participants, discussed the position of institutional investors in crypto, lending on their unique expertise and vantage point in the industry. What needs to happen in crypto to entice more institutional investors? It is important to continuously educate people on the benefits of new solutions. And the more people understand the benefits, the more retailers will be ready to use Bitcoin as a payment means. The growing number of participants in this market will blur the boundaries between the crypto and traditional economies and will make us look for new, interesting solutions. Konstantin Anissimov is confident that…

Source: Media about us. August 2021

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