Limitless blockchain exists: The Internet Computer

For sure, you’ve heard of many blockchains out there. But the more of them appear on the market, the harder it is to distinguish whether they have some core value that will last. Then, there’s the blockchain called the Internet Computer. Why ICP? What’s so special about it? The DFINITY Foundation figured that there’s one thing that had been nonexistent, even in the growing crypto economy. The borderless and infinite blockchain, just like the Internet itself. So they created it. If you know little to nothing about this blockchain and its token, don’t worry. Continue reading and you’ll know what it is and what makes it special. A bit of history  February 2018: DFINITY raised $61 million from Andreesen Horowitz and Polychain Capital as the foundation announced plans for the creation of a new blockchain, the Internet Computer.  August 2018: DFINITY raised $102 million in the next funding round, bringing the project’s total funding to $195 million. May 7th 2021: With the Internet Computer Genesis Event, the mainnet was officially launched. May 10th 2021: ICP/USD pair went live on the largest crypto exchanges. What is the Internet Computer? The Internet Computer is a blockchain created by a nonprofit organization called the DFINITY Foundation. DFINITY describes the Internet Computer as “the world’s first web-speed, internet-scale public blockchain”. Overall, the Internet Computer is something like a global decentralized computer with a public source code. Unlike many other blockchains, its core comprises thousands of independent, hardware data centers. Thanks to this, the Internet Computer blockchain enables software and services to run directly on the open internet. ICP token ICP is a native utility token for the Internet Computer blockchain. The ICP token is designed to help operate a decentralized layer of web infrastructure built by the Internet Computer. The value of the ICP token is determined by the open market. You can buy and trade them directly at CEX.IO.  You can receive ICP tokens through the Internet Computer Association (ICA) or the DFINITY Foundation. Another way is to get ICP tokens as remuneration for providing computing capacity as a node provider or data…

Source: Limitless blockchain exists: The Internet Computer

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