Bitmedia: Crypto Ad Network Making Advertising Easier

[Featured Content] Advertising is an integral part of every single industry. No business is bigger than its brand and being able to effectively and efficiently place ads is critical for growth. This is, of course, absolutely true for the cryptocurrency field. In fact, one might make the argument that it’s even more important because it’s a new field, and the way users perceive products, in the beginning, is of tremendous significance. First impressions last. With this said, there are plenty of ways to spread the word about a new project, but perhaps placing ads in relevant and industry-specific websites and publishers is one of the most efficient things to consider. This is where Bitmedia steps into the picture – a crypto ad network targeting relevant audiences. What is Bitmedia? In essence, Bitmedia is a network that brings together advertisers and publishers in a way that aims to benefit both. Publishers get to monetize their websites with relevant ads, while advertisers get to place their promotions at places with a relevant audience. The publishers included in Bitmedia’s network are high-quality websites from mostly English-speaking countries that include cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallets, blogs, and so forth. The cryptocurrency field, however, has its specifics, and this is one of the reasons for which it benefits a lot from a crypto-native ads network. For instance, in the world of conventional marketing throughout different industries outside of crypto, users can simply go to Google and its tremendous publisher network and take advantage of it. They can also advertise with little limitations on Facebook and other social media. With crypto – it’s a bit different. The industry is sensitive when it comes to advertising. Or, to be more precise, the outside world is sensitive when it comes to crypto advertising. Google, for example, flat-out banned it years ago, and even though it removed some of the limitations, there are still hurdles to consider. The same can be said about Facebook. This is where crypto ad networks like Bitmedia come into place, bringing in the best publishers for advertisers to take advantage of. Some of the benefits…

Source: Bitmedia: Crypto Ad Network Making Advertising Easier

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