Billionaire Orlando Bravo’s Firm Plans to Invest in Blockchain Tech Firms

Orlando Bravo, the co-founder of Thoma Bravo, has stated that his firm will soon invest in companies involved in the blockchain sector. This announcement comes a week after Bravo stated that he was bullish on Bitcoin. Thoma Bravo Investing in Blockchain Orlando Bravo was speaking during the Bloomberg Invest Global virtual conference on October 7. During the conference, Bravo responded positively to a question that inquired whether his firm had plans to invest in the cryptocurrency sector. The billionaire investor further noted that his firm has already ventured into the cryptocurrency sector, as it is a “lead investor in the growth equity round of FTX.” FTX is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Furthermore, he added that Thoma Bravo would play a huge role in the cryptocurrency sector in the long term. “We will be big players on the buyout side as this industry matures – especially around blockchain technology.” Orlando Bravo further noted that blockchain technology offers better use cases compared to other existing technologies. It can solve real-world issues in a more efficient and faster manner than other technological products. Buy Bitcoin Now Thoma Bravo is a private equity company that mainly deals in software and technology firms. Orlando stated that blockchain technology shows that the software and technological ecosystems had expanded; hence investments in this industry will be in line with the company’s goals. However, he also stated that his company would start slow in the investment plans for this space. Hence, they would not start with huge buyouts but rather focus on a growth-equity model currently. He further stated that one of the most opportune areas in blockchain investments in late-stage growth equity. Orlando goes Bullish on Bitcoin While Orlando stated that his firm would look towards blockchain as a whole and not specific cryptocurrencies, the billionaire affirmed that he has personal investments in Bitcoin. When praising the coin, the investor stated that bitcoin was a decentralized, frictionless, and borderless network, and most young people preferred it. He also stated that bitcoin was a preferred tool to be used in hedging against inflation. While he…

Source: Billionaire Orlando Bravo’s Firm Plans to Invest in Blockchain Tech Firms

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