5 Best Cryptocurrency to Buy for Long Term Returns October 2021 Week 2

The crypto market is picking up where it left off in May with premier digital assets retesting the $55,000 mark earlier on in the week. At press time, the nascent industry is up 0.47% with total value locked (TVL) standing at $2.31 trillion. Following this significant rally, several investors are searching for the best cryptocurrency to buy for long-term returns. This article explores some of the best crypto assets for growth potential. 1. Bitcoin (BTC) Since its market debut in 2009, Bitcoin has remained the best cryptocurrency to buy for long-term returns to date. Bitcoin has averaged a total amount of nine million per cent increase from its 2009 opening price of $0.08 to $65,000 in April 2021. Also, given its peculiar deflationary tendencies, more institutional investors are adding it to their balance sheet as it is considered a great store of value. Controlling close to 50% of the total market cap for the emerging industry, Bitcoin is also the most widely adopted crypto asset as even countries are already weighing up the idea. At press time, the world’s oldest decentralised currency is making a heading for a new all-time high (ATH). Bitcoin has rallied significantly in the past week after a lacklustre performance in the closing days of September. The premier digital asset is up 1.13%, and trades at $55,231.26, with a weekly gain of 23.33%. On the trading chart, Bitcoin is showing bullish potential as it trades above the 20-day moving average (MA) support price of $46,385.49. This rally has been spurred by the recent announcement by Soros Fund Management, an asset management company owned by famous billionaire investor George Soros, that it holds BItcoin in its portfolio. The CEO Dawn Fitzpatrick told Bloomberg that the family office owns “some coins … but not a lot.” Besides the Soros family, popular Shark Tank star investor, Kevin O’Leary, recently admitted that his crypto allocation now outweighs his investment in commodities like gold. Buy BTC Now 2. Ethereum (ETH) The second most valuable crypto asset by market cap, the Ethereum network is another top cryptocurrency to buy for long-term returns.…

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